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Welcome to Chalets du Huard

We are a small family-owned fishing camp in a remote northern region of Lake Kipawa, which is the hottest lake in Quebec for Walleye, Lake Trout, Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass Fishing. We are only a little over an hour’s drive north-east of North Bay, Ontario and just inside the Québec border.


Walleye Fishing:
Lake Kipawa is a Walleye fisherperson’s dream come true. It’s considered the very best Walleye fishing lake in Quebec when considering the combination of numbers and size. You should be able to catch 20 to 50 Walleyes per day and if you know the lake well, many more. There are many good eating-size Walleyes available and the majority of Walleyes caught are around 2 pounds. Walleye fanatics focus on Lake Kipawa because of the availability of large trophy Walleyes. In a week of fishing you should catch 15 to 20 Walleyes in the 4 to 6-pound range. Every week guests bring in Walleyes in the 8 to 10-pound range and sometime over 12 pounds. Guests of Chalets du Huard have caught Walleyes over 15 pounds but a monster like that is not common.

Lake Trout Fishing:
Lake Trout is a resource that has remained virtually untouched in Lake Kipawa. Most of our guests come to Chalets du Huard for the unbelievable Walleye fishing and don’t take advantage of the awesome Lake Trout fishing. Lake Trout are easy to catch in the spring as they are along the shore in the shallow water. During the summer the Lake Trout are concentrated around the 53 degree thermal layer and with our light tackle techniques you can catch hoards of them. Lake Trout are most common in the 2 to 6-pound range with 7 to 15-pounders being fairly common. Lake Trout exceeding 30 pounds get caught and released each summer.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing:
We truly believe the next Canadian Record Smallmouth Bass is going to be caught in Lake Kipawa. Guests do have a lot of fun when they run into the hunting packs of Smallmouth Bass that patrol the shoreline. When you run into one of these schools you can experience bass after bass for hours. The lake’s claim-to-fame is the availability of giant trophy Smallmouth Bass. Guests catch 5 and 6-pounders all the time and during a week of focusing on bass fishing you can catch a 7 or even an 8-pound Smallmouth. 8-pounders do get caught on this lake and there are many rumors of bass that are even bigger.

Northern Pike Fishing:
Lake Kipawa is not known for high numbers of Northern Pike but like any lake with Lake Trout and Whitefish, there are some monsters down deep. If you really enjoy Pike fishing we have back lakes that are stuffed with Pike. Depending on how they are biting you can catch between 10 and 40 Pike in an afternoon and guests do catch them in the 12 to 16-pound range. The largest Pike caught in recent years was a 21-pounder.

All cabins are fully equipped for housekeeping and come complete with hot/cold running water, modern toilets, stand-up shower, full kitchen to include all cooking utensils, plates & silverware, coffee maker, toaster, propane range top & oven, full refrigerator/freezer. Cabins do include bed linens but not blankets, toiletries or personal towels. We also provide dish towels, dish soap and toilet tissue. We have 9 lakefront cabins that accommodate groups of 3 to 10 people.

We offer both Moose hunting and Black Bear hunting packages. Our remote location combined with all the streams and back lakes in the area make this a prime location for your Moose and Bear hunting vacation. Moose can reach well over 1300 pounds and Black Bears in the area are common in the 200 to 350-pound range with a few that are well over 400 pounds. Moose and Black Bear hunting tags are limited so please contact us for information on availability.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by email or phone us at (819) 290-4765 or (873) 997 4667

Best Regards
Brian & Sue Robidoux

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