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Northern Pike Fishing Tips:

Northern Pike are the easiest fish to catch. They hit just about any lure. The most popular lures are Johnson Silver Minnow, Dardevle, Thompson Pike Spoon, Mepp's Cyclopes, Mepp's Muskie Killer, Spinner Baits or Crank Baits. In clear water silver or red-&-silver work best. In areas where the water is that stained rusty Walleye Wine color the Yellow five-of-diamonds is really popular.

Northern Pike are found everywhere in a lake when they are a dominant species. You will find them in the back of bays, in streams, off shoals and in the weeds. People wanting to target Northern Pike generally are looking for a big trophy and the big 20-pound plus Northerns are usually solitary ambush predators and are not found where you find lots of smaller Pike. The big Trophy Northern Pike will hang out in places where they can dominate over other fish and stay in the most strategic place to ambush prey. The mouths of rivers, the points leading into bays, narrows between islands and narrow waterways where feeder fish are migrating from one part of the lake to another is where the big pike will be.

Casting out lures is effective but one trick to maximize your strikes and bring attention to your lure is to cast up high and just before your lure hits the water give the line a yank to get your lure to slap the surface hard. You always want to cast in the same spot five or six times in a row because it may take the Pike some time to zero in on the location of the splash that your lure is making. You may also want to try reeling in at different speeds when casting at the same spot. On a couple of the casts jerk the lure a little as you are reeling in to make the lure look wounded.

Sometime Northern Pike are sluggish. Sometimes they are not hungry. Reeling in at slow speeds may get the sluggish Pike and reeling in fast or jerking your bait to look wounded may get the Pike that are not hungry to strike out of instinct. Also, when you reel in your lure up to the boat let the lure sit in the water below the boat for a few seconds and jig the lure up and down before you cast again. Many times a Pike will follow your lure up to the boat and will sit under the boat not knowing if they should strike or not. Pike are ferocious predators and will attack even when they are not hungry but sometimes it takes them a little time to decide.

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