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Black Bear Hunting:

Chalets du Huard is ideally located for harvesting Black Bear. The glacial origin of the area have left the surrounding land with a multitude of varied features. We are located on a seemingly endless area of crown land that has been untouched by any kind of mining operation, and likewise untouched by forestry for over forty years. This patchwork of wetland, lake, and conifer forest supports an abundance of wildlife that is becoming more and more difficult to find in this day and age.

While there is no B.M.A. (Bear Management Area) attributed to Chalets du Huard, the area is both sparsely populated and unimaginably vast, leaving us with no problem accommodating as many as 10 hunters at a time. We provide steel tree stands and set up over 30 bait sites at a variety of distances to accommodate both bow hunters and those who prefer the rifle. With a confirmed deposit, we will begin baiting several weeks in advance, using a combination of tried and tested techniques and the more technologically advanced tools that are now available. We bait several sites per hunter, and check them each day to give the best chance of harvesting possible. Some sites are accessible by boat drop-off and pick-up, others by walking trail or quad trail. The distance to each site is as varied as the kinds of terrain we have placed them in, up to 12 m/22 km away for boat ins, and as near as 1 mile / 1.6 km for walking trails. We have several sites that are accessible to those with physical challenges, and are more than happy to go the extra mile to accommodate anyone.

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