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  • Moose Hunting:

    Come discover Chalets du Huard on Lake Kipawa, a little known treasure of northern Quebec. The vast crown land boreal forests surrounding this massive lake system are veritably untouched by industry, allowing for a vibrant ecosystem that is becoming more and more difficult to find in today‘s bustling world. This teeming forest supports an abundant population of moose, making it an ideal destination for any serious hunter. Our central section of the lake sees very little human traffic apart from our guests, leaving a multitude of possible places for us to place our stands. Whether by boat, road, or walking trail access, we are sure to have an ideal spot to suit your preference. (We will happily accommodate hunters with physical challenges as best we can.)

    At Chalets du Huard, we provide fully set-up, steel tree stands for the bow hunters at each of our many sites, including safety harnesses. Shot range varies between sites, to accommodate any hunter. Each year we have several slots available for booking. Each site is checked regularly, beginning in spring just after bear hunting season closes. We also use motion-activated trail cameras to ensure a good frequency of animals on-site. In most cases, our cameras pick up several distinctly different moose at each stand!

    For rifle hunters, we have an extensive network of trails laid out over several widespread territories. You will be provided with a detailed map of our well flagged and maintained trails, and on the first day of your hunt one of our guides will show you the limits of your active territory. Guiding during the rest of the hunt is available on a case by case basis.

    The 2012 season here in zone 13 west lasts from September 15 to 30 for bow (bull, cow and calf), and October 6 to 21 (bull and calf) for rifle, during the fall rut as this is when they are most responsive to calling. Moose specimens in the area average around 1000 pounds, but we have had harvests as large as 1400 pounds. These sizes can vary slightly as tag availability alternates yearly in our zone between bull, cow and calf or just bull and calf, but the success rate of hunters in our camp is typically very high, over 80%.

    So come discover this massive forest and lake country, this verdant, shining jewel of the north. After a just a few days, we’re sure you won’t want to leave.

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