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Walleye Fishing on Lake Kipawa, Quebec:

During the last Ice Age, Lake Kipawa was carved from the Canadian Shield by massive glaciers. As these huge ice floes retreated, they left behind a cold, crystalline lake with a diverse mix of underwater terrain. Large shoals, steep drop-offs, sheltered bays, and islands of all sizes are equally abundant on Kipawa, making it one of the best-kept secret treasure troves of walleye fishing in northern Quebec. Come and explore over 1200 miles of virtually untouched shoreline in this clear, deep expanse of true wilderness.

Gold and Blue Walleye abound in Lake Kipawa, in many hotspots for which we provide marked maps. Some are just a stone's throw from the docks, but if you prefer a more private experience, there is very little traffic on the northern half of the lake, where we are situated. In spring and fall your prey will be feeding in low light or dark along rock shelves, shoals and steep shores, waiting for you to tempt them with either a worm or a leech. We find that a yellow, pink, white or chartreuse 1/8 oz jighead coupled with these on-site available live baits yield consistent results. In summer, as the water grows a little warmer, they will retreat farther into the depths, and you may wish to use a slightly heavier jighead to get down to them quicker.

Lake Kipawa and Chalets du Huard have a long history of trophy-sized walleye captures, many in the 8 to 12 pound range. Such fish are of course rare, but specimens as large as 15 pounds have been reported. You can be assured to bring in a catch of good eaters almost every day, averaging from 1.5 to 4 pounds. An angler can expect to catch their limit of 6 most days. When the dawn or dusk feeding frenzy is on, it almost seems like they jump right in the boat! Whether you're looking to eat fish all week and still bring some home, or you're after the walleye of your life, this is the place to fish.

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