About Us

Chalets du Huard is a family business that has been settled on the outskirts of Quebec from many years ago, right next to Lake Kipawa. Because of that, many stories have been built around the house since it comes from generations.

One of our family members, Nick M. Fernandez, who works as a claims appraiser,  took the initiative of launching a web page of the place, to inform tourists and fans about what we have to offer.

How It Started

This is a family business that has its roots in Lake Kipawa and includes all kinds of services in the lake area. At first, it was just about offering accommodation but now it has spread as an official business that brings touristic life to the area.

Ever since our magazine was created, tourism has increased and so have other kinds of activities around the area such as hunting, fishing, and recreational games.

About the Area

You’ll find accommodation and lodges that can be rented daily or weekly and are equipped with all necessary means to be comfortable. You will be enjoying the convenient cottages with a kitchen, refrigerator, heated stove, bathrooms, and sheets.

Chalets du Huard’s Magazine

Additionally, this webpage offers information about Lake Kipawa and other venues around Quebec, which makes it easy for travellers to get here. Find reviews about the fishing season and recommendations for nature lovers as well as what to do in the surrounding areas, route maps, and fun stories about this touristic spot.

Chalets du Huard launched this easy-to-read magazine with growing intentions to inform travellers and people in general about the beauty of this place. Remember to go to our contact page if you’d like to sponsor us or for asking for information about our facilities.