Chalets du Huard – Complete Facility Review

Chalets du Huard is an excellent place for going on vacation and enjoying the beauty and awesome resources since it’s a dreamland for fishermen. Discover the fantastic services this place has to offer and remember to visit us on your way to Quebec.

Easy to Get To

It’s just over one-hour drive north-east from Ontario and at the border of Quebec. Once you get to Chalets Scarf, you will be transported in a boat to the beautiful Lake Kipawa. Observe the majestic lake and the awesome landscapes before you get to Chalets Du Huard.

Fish Types in Lake Kipawa

Lake Kipawa is perfect for fishing Walleye, making the place to be considered the best place in Quebec to catch them. You can also find Lake Trout since it’s a resource in the lake that has been virtually untouched.

Discover the Smallmouth Bass and be the first to beat the record on catching the biggest one in Canada. Have fun with Pike fishing as you can find them in the black lakes.

Fishing Walleye

As we already mentioned, Lake Kipawa is the fishermen’s dream come true since you can find the biggest walleye in consideration of number and size. Consider catching between 20-50 fishes once you get there if you know the lake well.

Imagine this, the majority of walleye caught weigh 2 pounds, so if you go there regularly you can get 15 pounds or more on a good day.

Fishing Lake Trout

Lake Trout sometimes are underrated for the fishers that come to the lake looking for Walleyes, but the truth is that Lake Trout is easier to catch in spring because they remain in the shallow water. Usually, you can find them from the 2 to 6 pounds range and even some 15-pounders if you know the lake.


Chalet du Huard offers 9 cottages that guarantee the privacy and each one of them has its picnic table outside with a fireplace and dock. Every one of them is fully equipped with a kitchen, stove, refrigerator, and all you need to be comfortable. Cottages can accommodate 3-10 people.

Chalets du Hard is an excellent place for a breakaway. It’s a dreamland for fishermen. You can find the biggest walleye if you’re lucky and get lake trout easily since they appear in the shallow water.

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