One-Day Trip or Long Stay-In to Go Fishing?

Fishing on vacations is always a fun, entertaining activity to practice with friends or family. The thing is, how do you know if a place is worth a long stay or just a one-day trip? Discover here what’s the best choice and why.

One-day Trip

For a one-day trip to go fishing, it always depends on the kind of place and the facilities around the area. Sometimes it is best to go and come back if the place is not too far from home, and you have a tight schedule.

Evaluate the fishing season, and make sure to go when there are fishes that are easier to catch since there are some of them that remain in the shallow water. That way you have time to do other activities and watch the sunset on your way back.

Long Stay-in

Long stay-in is best for long distances and a flexible schedule. If the area doesn’t count with stay-in facilities, you can always camp there and have a breakfast picnic the next morning right before going fishing.

A long stay-in allows you to get to know the area, explore nature, and do other activities after fishing. If you rent a cottage, a nice cooked dinner while playing cards with family or friends will be the perfect ending to a lovely day. Going fishing is one of the most inspiring activities to do while travelling, especially with the family. A one-day trip is best if the fishing season is high and fishes are easier to catch, but a long stay-in is awesome because you’re able to either camp or rent a cottage, relax and enjoy the landscape.


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