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We recently launched the Chalets du Huard magazine and one of our aims is to promote tourism around Lake Kipawa, which will result in future settlements for more business and job opportunities. By spreading information about the area, tourists can find important information about the area.

Lake Kipawa has the potential to become a tourist hot spot because of all the activities you can do around it. Here we are in charge of informing people about hunting and fishing recommended spots, types of fishes, and more.

Benefits That You Will Receive

One of the benefits you will be receiving by becoming our sponsor is the visualization of your brand or business on our website and in our accommodation facilities. By placing banners here and printing flyers with your information you will be increasing sales and getting more clients.

Enjoy special offers to get discounts for staying in any of our cottages and experience the feeling of taking a ride across Lake Kipawa. You would love the feeling of travelling around and exploring the area.

Be part of our sponsor list and you will appear in our promotional videos, posters around Quebec, and in local newspapers. No matter how you decide to collaborate on our website we are already grateful to you.Contact us for more information about our plans and quotes.